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  • 10/25/2019
    FAQ: Do you provide replacement parts if my cart broke?

Better Enterprise's carts are carefully designed and well manufactured to ensure product reliability. However, medical carts carry various equipments and are used under different conditions, some move several times a day, some stay in the same room all the time, for instance. Different user environments or mantenance ways will affect the product life of the parts for sure. Take casters for example, casters on the medical carts that move a lot might wear more easily than those on the still medical carts. Better Enterprise awares it and provides a period of two years warranty to our valued customers. We provide user's manual with our products to avoid improper installation. When parts broke, we are responsible for repairing or replacing defective parts, only exclude damage or failure due to abuse, usage beyond intended use, and/or improper installation. Satisfaction to our after-sales service is what Better Enterprise always keeps in mind. 

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