Professional Height Adjustable ECG Cart (with Aluminum Table Top) Manufacturer


Height Adjustable ECG Cart (with Aluminum Table Top)

Item No.:ECG-007
● Fall-Prevention Screw Knob
● Stylish and Modular Aluminum Table Top
● Easy Height Adjustment
● Comfort Grip Front Handle
● Utility Bin with Removable Dividers
● Sturdy 4-Leg Aluminum Die Casting Base
● Noiseless and Easy Roll Twin Casters
● Cost-Effective Shipping Solution


Height Adjustable ECG Cart (with Aluminum Table Top)

Better Enterprise Height Adjustable ECG Cart (with Aluminum Table Top) is designed specifically to accommodate the various choices of the ECG machine and lets you configure the cart to best meet your exact requirements.

1.    Fall-Prevention Screw Knob 

2.    Stylish and Modular Aluminum Table Top

The aluminum table comes with stylish surface which is perfect to withstand the rigors of continual pill crushing and the 2 removable plug-in bases makes it easy to adapt different types of the patient cable arm and the acquisition holder.

3.    Easy Height Adjustment

The unique height adjustment design makes it much easier to adjust the height of the table top according to the application environment. Besides, there is also the optional Pneumatic Height Adjustment System.

4.    Comfort Grip Front Handle

The cart handle is designed to be comfortable to the touch whether you are pushing or pulling.

5.    Utility Bin with Removable Dividers

The utility bin with removable dividers provides efficient storage of the necessary supplies such as gels, gloves and tissues.

6.    Sturdy 4-Prongs Aluminum Die Casting Base

The sturdy 4-Prongs aluminum die casting base for Height Adjustable ECG Cart (with Aluminum Table Top) ensures easy and stable mobility.

7.    Noiseless and Easy Roll Twin Casters

The selected 3" twin wheel, soft casters allow you to easily move your ECG machines from room to room quietly and quickly. Two lockable casters secure the cart in place.

8.    Cost-Effective Shipping Solution

Better Enterprise devotes itself to minimizing the packaging dimension and using less packaging material by its unique parts and components design that reduce the shipping cost and make environment friendly possible.

Have more requirements for ECG Cart?

With strong design ability and a wide variety of accessories available, Better Enterprise is also able to create the ECG Cart that is tailored to the specific needs of your healthcare environment. Start your own Custom Solution here.

Choose Better, always Better.



Item Name

Height Adjustable ECG Cart (with Aluminum Table Top)

Item No.


Height (From floor to table top)

33.8” ~ 48” (860 mm ~ 1220 mm)



16.0” x 17.6” (406 mm x 447 mm)


3” twin-casters (2 brakes in the front)



Ø 1-1/2” (Ø 38.1 mm)


Ø 2” (Ø 50.8 mm)

Table Top

13.2“ x 14.5” (335 mm x 370 mm)

6 mm thickness

Utility Bin

16.6” x 13” x 4.9” (422 x 330 x 125 mm)



Powder coated aluminum



Stainless steel


Anodized aluminum

Table Top

Anodized aluminum

Utility Bin


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