About Us

Better Enterprise

Better Enterprise is a professional solution provider of various mobile carts, roll stands, medical device carts, IV stands, and mounting solutions. With our capability of innovative design, top-quality assembly, and resource integration ability, we not only can provide various off-the-shelf well-designed products but also tailored solutions for your specific need with competitive price.

Professional solution provider for various medical device users


Over 40 years’ experience

Established in 1978, Better Enterprise’s own development team is able to support ODM/OEM projects, solve engineering issues, and provide high quality products and assembly service to our customers all over the world.


High flexibility

Better Enterprise is a professional medical cart manufacturer with high flexibility and can do customization for our valued customers. We can customize our standard products with different accessories or modify the design of our products to best meet your need.


Fast response

Better Enterprise replies our customer’s inquiry or request within one working day. Our prompt support brings more efficiency and great after-sales service experience to our customers.


High-mix / Low-volume manufacturing

Better Enterprise specializes in high-mix / low-volume production. We have developed a process to support complex and variable demand for our customers. Thousands of modular combinations can be tailor-made according to different user environments.


Various choice of material and manufacturing process

Better Enterprise has tight connection with hundreds of subcontractors or vendors to support our customer’s need including different manufacturing and finishing processes with various materials. Our well-arranged multi-sourcing approach leverages the risk of material shortage and allows us to provide diverse choice with competitive price to our customers.


Quality assurance            Quality assurance

Better Enterprise has various testing and inspection tools to make sure the quality of our products meet the function and performance standards of our customers. We also keep tracking of our product quality within the warranty period.



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